Tree Removal

To the untrained eye, a tree is a tree but that is far from the case. Each and every tree is different and it needs to be assessed with a fresh outlook. Most people can fell a tree in an open field but when it comes to a 200-foot dead oak over a glass house, the professionals need to be called.

Building a business along a river valley has forced us to do takedowns that most other tree outfits walk away from, because of that, we have found ourselves specializing in the trickiest, most difficult of removals. We will never take on a removal we cannot do but at the same time have yet to turn away a good challenge. There are so many things that need to work in line for a smooth takedown but the most important thing is safety. Safety all across the board. If our reputation only says that we are safe, then I did my job. Safety is for us in the tree, us on the ground, you at home and your property. We are insured but never plan on using it and as long as we do our job, we won't have to.

What I feel people should know about takedowns: the sooner the better. A dying tree can be safely worked but a tree that has died long ago, struck by lightning and rotten, will require more equipment (e.g., crane) thus increasing the price. So it's important to keep an eye out for potential problems and call us to help!

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