Emergency & Storm Damage Cleanup

No one can predict storm damage but knowing where to turn when it happens is important. At Point Pleasant Tree Service, we have a different outlook than most on emergency work, since demand is high during and after a storm.

There are options. If a tree falls on your house, we charge an emergency rate to remove it but leave the debris on your lawn, then move on to the next emergency. After the storm, we return to cleanup the debris at our normal rate. We are in business to make a profit but not rip off people. We can help you out of an emergency situation and return later at a reduced rate.

Rates generally do go up due to the increased danger and demand, however after an evaluation of the damage, pricing options will be presented. It's always good practice to know what your insurance policy provides for trees and tree damage. More often than not, an insurance company will only cover up to a certain amount and most of the time it isn't enough. Planning ahead for an emergency can increase your chances of coverage.

Preexisting conditions generally will not be covered, like dead trees. If a dead tree falls on your house, your insurance company will not pay for the damages due to negligence, since the homeowner is responsible for preventative maintenance. If you have a question about coverage, your insurance company will document what's questionable so if damage does occur, they and you will know what's covered. Having proper maintenance done on your trees regularly will avoid a financial snafu when needed. We will do everything to make a bad situation easier for you and your wallet.

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