Deadwooding of a tree is similar to pruning without getting into shaping or cutting back. This service, we believe, could be the most overlooked and forgotten, yet the most important.

As trees grow, over time they shed limbs that were taken over by more dominate limbs, a change in conditions, or damage. Limb’s sticks and twigs can stay with a tree for quite awhile until an act of nature snaps them off or they simply loose their hold.

The unpredictably of when a dead or broken limb will fall out of a tree is why this is the most important service we offer, under maintenance but listed separate because of its importance.

Imagine your children playing under a tree when a branch falls. Imagine a lawsuit that could come your way when it's someone else child! With deadwooding, we go into the tree to the farthest branches and remove the dead and dangerous pieces.

Unlike pruning, deadwooding doesn't shape or alter the tree in any way except make them clean and safe. Forget about picking up sticks on the ground because they have already been removed, preventing falling out unexpectedly. Deadwooding is peace-of-mind and usually gets paired with pruning and annual maintenance, however deadwooding can be done at any time of the year.

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